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Moving to Causeway House

If you are pregnant or have a young child, are homeless or living in unsuitable accommodation, we may be able to help.

Anyone considering moving into Causeway must be referred to the Manager by an appropriate local agency such as a Doctor, Health Visitor, Social Security, Children's Services, a Social Worker or another agency. You will need to speak with one of these agencies about Causeway first.

When we receive a referral we will invite you to Causeway House to look around and to meet the Manager to discuss your needs. Together you will then decide if Causeway is right for you. It might not be an appropriate place for you if you cannot live independently or you are unable to support yourself financially.

Initially, a contract for a six month stay is arranged. It is possible to extend this period up to a maximum of 18 months. Rooms may be available immediately, but sometimes there may be a delay.

Residential qualifications are not necessary, however, if a person has very recently arrived in Jersey, Causeway might not be appropriate unless she is able to support herself financially.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept people who were already pregnant when they arrived in Jersey to live.

Occasionally, we are able to offer accommodation to mothers with more than one child. Exceptions are possible under extreme circumstances.

House Rules

The House Rules will be explained to you before you accept a room. However, please be advised of the following:

  • No male visitors are allowed on the premises at any time.

  • We insist you respect and are sensitive to other residents.

  • We expect you to take care of the building, furniture and equipment and to keep it clean and tidy.

  • The rents (including bills) are £100 for a single room, £110 for a double room and £120 for an ensuite room. This charge covers the use of facilities including washing machine, but does not include food. There is a refundable deposit of one week’s rent.

  • A resident is expected to give one week’s notice before leaving.

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